Meet Terri...

God's Word tells us "in this life we will have struggles."

For some of us, struggles start at an early age. For others those tough experiences may not come until later, but eventually we ALL will face hardships.  

Education and Training

Biblical and Lay Counseling

Good Samaritan Ministries

Biblical and Lay Counseling

AACC, Light University

Extraordinary Women: Specific Challenges to Women;

Healing and Restoration

AACC, Light University

Professional Life Coaching

AACC, Light University

Marriage Counseling/Mentoring

AACC, Light University

Stress and Trauma Care

AACC, Light University

Lifestyle Education Assistant in Functional Medicine

and Nutritional Science, Metagenics Conferences

Jeffrey Bland

Advanced Certified Systemic Cynamical Neurofeedback


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