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As the government continues to play political ping-pong with the official re-opening of the state, the church board gathered Monday evening to discuss the best way of re-opening church services. Again, I’m very grateful for the men and women of God who, filled with His Spirit and coming together in fellowship with a heart of service for God’s Kingdom and the congregation here at PBCC. It was a great meeting and we have come up with a roadmap to re-opening.

Phase One of Oregon’s re-opening included limiting gatherings to no more than 25. Obviously this has an impact on our 8:30 service (typically running around 100) and our 10:30 service (running just under 200). So, until Phase Two – which would include gatherings of up to 100, we have decided to continue those two services as we have operated these past several weeks under quarantine:

  1. Only necessary personnel on campus for the 8:30 and 10:30 Sunday morning services, and
  2. Continuation of “Love-streaming” broadcast online to those who choose to tune in at home for either one of those services.

BUT HERE’S THE EXCITING PART!!! (Please don’t miss this one).

With the restrictions relaxing to include gatherings of up to 25 – with social distancing, of course – we now have an opportunity to do church like the Early Church did: in homes! As we read in the Book of Acts in the New Testament, the early believers would gather from house to house, sharing meals, opening up the Word of God, and praying together. So though we cannot meet ALL TOGETHER under one roof in the Worship Center on Sunday mornings, we CAN meet with a small number of other believers in homes, watching either the 8:30 or the 10:30 service, sharing communion together, praying together, and finally re-connecting with others. I personally know of so many people who have been thirsty to gather in worship with others; and for them, though it would be nice to do it at church, the FACT of the gathering is really much more important than the WHERE of the gathering.

So, in trying to avoid a logistic nightmare, we are trusting YOU to prayerfully consider opening up your home for these Sunday morning “watch parties,” connecting with people in your neighborhood who come to church (or may not go to any church) and inviting them (no more than 25) to share the Sunday morning church experience with you and your family. If you would like to help coordinate open homes in your community, we might be able to use you to help people who are looking for those centers of connection, but aren’t sure who to contact. If we have a dozen or more people opening their homes for the next several weeks until Phase Two opens, we will be able to help people ease back into the fellowship of believers in worship and communion each week.

That is fhe first part of Phase One for PBCC. Here is some more good news:

Since they typically run right around 25 each week, both COWBOY CHURCH and our 11:15 CHAPEL SERVICE will both be available for those who would normally meet together for those services. Of course, we will be putting up some social distancing guidance for the crowd that comes – but the board didn’t see any reason why those services couldn’t start back up --- with a few rules:

  1. Those who wish to attend Saturday Night Cowboy Church at 7pm, or the 11:15 Traditional Worship Service in the Historic Chapel MUST CALL US (Bill Brewer, Glenn Hanna, Pastor Andy, Cliff Roper, and myself are all people you can contact) in order to reserve a spot each week. Why? We REALLY do not want to have to deal with the experience of turning folks away at the door if we have reached the maximum 25 occupancy; if we know ahead of time that our attendance will exceed that limit, we can let people know well ahead of time – and make sure they are on the list for the following week.
  2. There will be no food served for a while. No potluck at 6pm for Cowboy Church, and no snacks for the Historic Chapel crowd. Not for a while, at least.
  3. People must be willing to abide by the 6-ft. distancing guideline. We will limit the number of pews available to sit in, and will make sure individuals stay a healthy distance away from each other (families and couples can obviously sit by each other…).

And with those guidelines in place, Cowboy Church will start up THIS SATURDAY NIGHT (7pm) in the Historic Chapel; and the Tradiitional Worship Service in the Historic Chapel at 11:15 on Sunday morning will start up SUNDAY, MAY 31 (in two Sundays).

Our youth group, Kingdom Kids program, and nursery will remain closed until Phase Two.

I know this is exciting for some of you, and it’s frustrating for some of you. I get it – believe me! There is no one who is wanting to get back together with others for worship and fellowship than me! BUT, I am fully supportive of the board’s decision as it truly does reflect both the seriousness of maintaining a healthy envirnoment as well as the need to get back together in fellowship with other believers. I trust that this phased-in approach will be beneficial to us in a number of ways.

First: please prayerfully consider meeting with others in your home (or theirs) during the Sunday morning broadcast. What a great way of coming back alongside others in worship! Again, this is how the Early Church disciples did it – though I’m not so sure they had the internet connection that we do! Fellowship in homes can be such an encouragement to the body of Christ we are reminded how connected we truly are through Jesus. Second: God is still in control, and as such He is still teaching His people important lessons during this time; I have been learning patience, how to slow down, staying respectful to those in authority, etc. God isn’t wasting this time…and so if it takes just a few more weeks, just think of what He can do with that extra time!

I do love you all, and miss you! I am praying that we are able to get to Phase Two sooner than later, and that we will have reaped a benefit in waiting for God in this whole thing.


Pastor Trey

Trey Hinkle

Lead Pastor

Scott Knutz – Board Chairman

Troy York – Chairman of the Elders


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